Born 1986, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Based in New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA.


For inquiries, requests and commissions:


Instagram: @chromatic_black

twitter: @GiselleZatonyl




FEMMEBIT, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

CAT HEROICUS SUBLIMIS, Curated by Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge for New Hive

Geographically Indeterminate Fantasies, Curated by Art F City, Providence College Galleries, RI

Dance With FlARmingos, Curated by Kristin Lucas, Queens Museum, NY


Space of All Functions, Curated by Seyhan Musaouglu, Space Debris, Istanbul, Turkey

My First 3D, Part II, Microscope Gallery, Curated by Ben Cooley [Group Screening] Brooklyn, NY

Uncanny - Reverse Gallery, Curated by Helena Acosta [Group Show] Brooklyn, NY

Dance With Flarmingos - Gallery Protocol, Curated by Kristin Lucas [Group Show] Gainsville, FL

Fending Off the Virus - New Ancestors - Curated by Jason Friedman [Magazine Feature] Brooklyn, NY

Science Fiction Realism - Furtherfield, Presented by Erik H Zepka [Magazine Concept Essay] Vancourver, CA

Digital Sweat - Digital Sweat Gallery, Curated by Christian Petersen

Technophilia: GIFs to Have Sex By - Transfer Gallery, Curated by Faith Holland- Brooklyn, NY

H3O - The Drift, Curated by Steve Gurysh - Pittsburgh, PA

E.S.P. TV : Live Taping - Human Resources, Curated by Undervolt Co. -Los Angeles, CA

Art F City - Benefit Auction-  Curated by Patty Johnson - New York, NY

Art, Capitalism & Crisis - Critical Eyes

Human Inside-  Rhizome, Curated by Arjun Ram Srivatsa


GIF Free For All: Curated by A. Bill Miller -4th Computer Art Congress, San Paolo, Brazil

Cipher:Refraction: Curated by Giselle Zatonyl -CultureHub, New york, NY

Megarave: Curated by Rafael Dorig - Kunthaus Lagenthal, Switzerland

Pratt Upload: Curated by Nicholas O'Brien  - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

The Projects: curated by Undelvolt Co. - S1 Gallery, Portland, OR

Click Click Click: Curated by Faith Holland and Nora O’Murchú- Whitebox Art Center, NY, NY

Ways of Something: Curated by Lorna Mills Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

ŠKVER Art Projekt: Curated by Undervolt Co.- Losinj, Croatia

Los Angeles Film Festival: Curated by Undelvolt Co.- Los Angeles, CA

Discrete Systems - Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Visual Interview - Société Perrier

Intangibility – Freedom Tower, Miami, FL

Dashboard : The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale : Curated by Kamila Kard - Milan, Italy


Netvvorth - Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale - Conductivity-Resistivity

Clusterfuck Zoo - Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


AUTO MATA - Electric Picnic, Dublin, Ireland

Transfer3D SPEED SHOW NAVIG@TOR Internet, Wrocław, Poland

GET>PUT> Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

#D - June 2012 - Bronx Art Space, New York, NY







Whitney Museum of American Art

Queens Museum

Third Cvlt

We Open Art Houses

Estée Lauder Companies

David LaChapelle & August Getty

Babette Mangolte

Femmebit Festival

Reference Frame


Art F City

Tin Angel Records

Broadway 1602 Gallery

CS Global Films

Transfer Gallery

Starworks Group





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